A visit to SEA LIFE Porto will have you up to your elbows in the rockpools – and up to your eyeballs in the mesmerizing Ocean Tunnel! Plus see jellyfish, seahorses, the octopus and many more wet animals. Spend a half day (or a whole one) here and really get to know the undersea environment.

SEA LIFE Porto was opened in 2009 and, much like the North Atlantic waters that splash nearby, is teeming with aquatic life. There are approximately 5800 marine creatures – from starfish to sharks, splashing around inside.

There are 31 different aquatic habitats, so there’s always another school of fish, group of starfish, or smack of jellyfish to admire. Make sure to hang out with the Humboldt penguins over at Penguin Island!

  • This activity is not available to Group Tour Customers.

It’s a kid’s delight – and parents love it too (there’s also an outside play area and a cafe that does a great cappuccino), making a visit to SEA LIFE Porto a win for the whole family.

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