Florence Duomo: Priority Entrance & Guided Tour


The sun-kissed Tuscan rooftops and charming passage streets of Florence fan out from its terracotta-tiled centerpiece, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

Scoot past your luckless, queuing peers, and explore the jewel of Firenze with this brief but enlightening guided introduction. You’ll be primed with the fascinating history of its construction and decoration.

Walk the spotless marble flooring, savor the stained-glass windows, and marvel at the wondrous frescos, including Vasari’s The Last Judgement.

As you gaze up at the Duomo from the cathedral floor, your expert host will take you through its timeline, from humble beginnings as a church in the 7th century, to its 200-year development into the architectural gem you see today.

You’ll be dazzled, but don’t forget your ticket includes access to the nearby Museo della Misericordia, home to a selection of stunning renaissance paintings.

  • Includes Rooftop, Museum & Audio Guide
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